Why this festival?

I can fix a puncture but only have a rudimentary understanding of the mechanics of a bicycle.

My beautiful leather hiking boots rarely come out of the cupboard.

But I love walking and cycling.

For the last 2 years I’ve been living in a small town where I walk miles every day, usually with dog and buggy/sling/small hand in tow.

But before this I spent the previous 15 or so years living in Cardiff where I cycled everywhere. I cycled to work, I cycled to the shops, I cycled to meetings, I cycled to friends’ houses, I cycled to the pub, I cycled to the park ….I even cycled on my holidays with tents and friends. Sometimes we cycled just for the pure love of getting out on our bikes.

Amazingly I got a job with Cardiff Council managing the cycling programme for the city. This meant I was allowed to work on strategic plans to make the city better for cycling, applying for funding to make it happen and then making sure it happened. I got to be part of an exciting change in the city and saw it start to reach its ambition to be one of the top cycling cities in the UK.

I was also part of the team that worked on another exciting change – the Welsh Government Active Travel Act – which means every local authority now has a duty to plan, create and maintain walking and cycling networks in their towns and cities. Imagine what this could mean for the country if and when it starts to be realised.

Now I’m living in South Leitrim where it’s not so easy to cycle many places – especially with a baby on board. And it’s difficult to meet people who would like to be able to do more leisurely, utility cycling and want to help make it easier for more people to cycle more often.

So what better way than a leisurely hiking and cycling festival that brings such people together to share info, share routes, share ideas, build a community and hopefully have some fun.

If that sounds like your cup of tea come join us for our first ever

Leisurely Hike + Bike Festival Leitrim

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