Rothar Roads

What is a Rothar Road?

Here in rural Ireland we have an enviable dense network of smaller roads ripe for cycling. These are lightly trafficked, generally have good surfaces and they already go virtually everywhere. What we need is for these smaller roads (‘Rothar Roads’) to be reclaimed as roads where bicycles are expected and respected. What we need is for the people who use them to travel at a speed that would allow them to react to a cyclist around any corner.

What is the ‘Share your Rothar Roads’ project?

The ‘Share your Rothar Roads’ project is the first step in a much larger ambition to identify a comprehensive network of useful routes in Leitrim. This first step is an opportunity to showcase what we already have to offer here in Leitrim – miles and miles of roads almost perfect for cycling*. Roads that take you from village to town, roads that take you to the shops, to work, to school, to the hills and hidden beauty spots. Roads where you can often cycle for miles without meeting another soul.

In this ‘Share your Rothar Roads’ project Leitrim Cycling Festival are asking everyone to share their bicycle routes in Leitrim – be they short, long, hilly, flat, routes they use for fun or to get to the shops – we want to see them all!

With so many more people discovering or rediscovering the joys of cycling, we know there is a huge demand out there for route recommendations and this mapping of routes will be an incredibly useful and inspiring resource.

This Rothar Roads project also links to the Vision for Cycling in Rural Ireland – a document created by the Rural Cycling Collective – which sets out the 8 priorities they believe will help make cycling, once again, a normal way to get around for everyday journeys.  To find out more visit

*Improved infrastructure is of course welcome but huge gains can be made by less resource intensive improvements such as lower speed limits, better signs and more training for everyone (cyclists and drivers) so that they have the skills and confidence to interact with all road users. These small changes could lay the ground work for a real shift in the way people travel.

How do I get involved?

Be part of it by sharing your Rothar Roads on our RouteYou page – instructions below.

Be inspired by exploring routes that others have shared – visit our RouteYou group page here

Enjoy the Rothar Roads of Leitrim!


Route sharing instructions

Follow this link to the RouteYou homepage.

Create a free account.

Once you’ve logged in you can then plot a route by selecting the ‘m’ shaped line on the menu bar

Then on the right hand side select the bike symbol for ‘Route type’ and the ‘recreational cycling – nicest’ option from the ‘routing’ options.

You can then plot your route directly onto the map.

Once you’ve saved your route you can then add it to our Rothar Road Leitrim group by selecting the edit (pencil) button

And then choose ‘Classify’

You will then be given 3 different options – Characteristics, Themes or Groups.

Select Groups and then search for Rothar Roads Leitrim in the text box, select and then press the ‘close’ button. All done!

Once its done you can share your route directly onto our Facebook or Twitter page and we can all be inspired to get out there!